Our Story

Myles and Rhonda Goodrich own and operate Molly Brook Farm in Cabot, Vermont. The 565-acres of hay land, pasture, woodland and sugarbush support a milking herd of 80 organic milking cows as well as their young stock. The farm ships milk to Stonyfield Organic and sell quality Registered Jerseys.

Molly Brook has a long and distinguished role in the dairy history of Vermont. Nearly a century ago, Myles grandparents, Wendell and Inez Goodrich (5th generation) were one of the founding farm families of the Cabot Creamery Cooperative.

Wendell, was a founding director of the Cabot Creamery and one of six families to put the farm up as collateral for loans to start the Creamery in 1919. Myles parents, Walter and Sally Goodrich (6th generation), were at the forefront of further developing the Jersey breed with a Jersey cow named Molly Brook Fascinator Flower.

Myles Goodrich is seventh-generation descendent of Amos Whittlesy Abbott (1790-1875) and Betsey (Knight) Abbott (1794-1874) who lived on the original farm. Myles was born and raised on the farm. Myles received the Young Dairyman of the Year distinction from the American Jersey Cattle Association in 1993. In 2013, Myles and his wife, Rhonda, purchased Walter and Sally’s ownership interest in the dairy.

In 2015 Myles and Rhonda made the decision to transition the herd and land to organic. The farm’s resilience has relied on the ability to evolve with every new era in farming, for the better part of 200 years. Partnering with Stonyfield ensures a stable milk price, farm practices align well with organic standards, and it just feels right for the next generation who will farm Molly Brook.
The Goodrichs, like so many other Vermont farming families that span generations, have a deep respect for the animals that produce their livelihood – organic jersey milk. Every animal on the farm is know by name and has their own personality.
The sale of quality Jerseys from outstanding cow families became a focal point of Molly Brook around 1980.  The Jerseys raised on Molly Brook are prodigious producers known internationally for their genetics that started with a cow named Molly Brook Fascinator Flower. 
The Goodrich’s welcome visitors from all over the world to see the cows and enjoy the land. Visitors are always welcome.